Thursday, November 30, 2023
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iPad Blog
We have been following iPad developments very closely and will try to post review as soon as we have more information about the device. We are looking forward to learning about technical specifications and user reviews.

We were able to gather some traction with gathering information about iPad on our site. You can read fairly active forum about iPad GPS on our forum section of the site.

We are planning to post more iPad Blog post on our blog section as well in near future, so come back often.

Posted On: 03/13/2010
Label: Editorial

Study for GPS and GIS
I am a big fan of furthering education in the fields of GPS and GIS. I was looking around at different colleges around the country who offer this program and recently found this video presentation that is really valuable for anyone who wants to start study in the field of GPS/GIS applications and science.

In case you want to see all of the videos that I am planning to upload or select for individual watching you may visit my YouTube page at GPS YouTube

Posted On: 10/27/2008
Label: Editorial

Trying out BoardReader
I was looking around and saw several sites about GSP that have some sort of deal with BoardReader which is search engines for forum messages. I tried to register webstie with them just like I did with google.com search, but I am not sure if it is a good idea after all. Their sites looks kind of badly designed.
Posted On: 10/14/2008
Label: Editorial

We are on BlogCatalog
We have been approved for one of the well known blogging companies BlogCatalog. It took about three days but we are part of this great community of bloggers as well.

GPS Blog

Please visit us there and vote or suibscribe to feeds on their site if its easier for you, our reader.

Posted On: 10/14/2008
Label: Editorial

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