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HTC Evo 4G GPS Review
HTC EVO 4G is new Smartphone to use GPS what will go on sale this week. It is also first Smartphone to use WiMAX. HTC Evo runs Android OS or make it Android OS 2.1 (recent version from Google)

HTC EVO main advantage is its 4G support. Only few Smartphone can compare this feature alone.

HTC EVO 4G has built in GPS receiver. There are two GPS maps configurations which you can choose from while activating GPS feature of this phone. One comes from Google called "Google Navigation" and another directly from Spring called "Sprint Navigation"

If you used Android phone before, you'll know how to use Google Navigation. However, we would prefer to use Sprint Navigation app which is more expensive to use (monthly charge apply) but has few more useful features.

You may look at Google Nexus One GPS review on our site for comparison.

Posted On: 06/28/2010
Label: Reviews

TomTom Top 10 GPS Reviews
We have been updating our TomTom GPS Review section with several new models that TomTom introduced in 2009 and we are pleased to open these reviews for your comments and contributions. You may find the list TomTom Reviews with direct links to each product below.

TomTom XL330S
TomTom XL335S
TomTom XL340S LIVE
TomTom XL325S
TomTom ONE 140S
TomTom XXL540S
TomTom GO 740 LIVE
TomTom GO 930T

Posted On: 12/28/2009
Label: Reviews

TomTom XXL 540S review
It has been always a challenge to get all the important maps on GPS device especially if you travel abroad. It was very good for GPS producing companies to charge customer for any additional maps that are being installed on their GPS devices. However, this approach is changing with the arrival of new TomTom GPS model called XXL 540S. This device comes pre-loaded with all the important GPS maps for three major regions: USA, Canada, and Europe.

This was possible to better pricing for the hardware, more specifically memory cost. TomTom XXL 540S comes with 4GB Hard Drive that allows to held as much information as required for all the available charts.

TomTom XXL 540S will be available in stores earlier next year but may hit store shelves as soon as December before Christmas arrives and I would be looking for it.

I am planning to add to this device to our TomTom Review Section covering all of the TomTom GPS devices

Posted On: 11/25/2009
Label: Reviews

TomTom GO 940 Review
TomTom designed new GPS device called TomTomGO 940 LIVE. This device is an improvement of the earlier version and has several important features that are unique to this GPS navigator.

TomTom GO 940 has standard TomTom LIVE Services that provide you with traffic information. It also issues safety alerts and helps you save on fuel by presenting fuel prices at the gas stations near to where you drive. You can also use google.com local search to look for information. This is all possible due to enhancements implemented in TomTom GO 940 and its network called LIVE.

TomTom GO 940 also has several features that are unique to TomTom GPS navigators. It has voice command and control. TomTom GO 940 is also enabled to use Bluetooth technology and enables you to use your cell phone directly communicate to TomTom GO 940, so y that you don’t need to hold it while speaking and driving.

Moreover, TomTom GO 940 has built-in advanced line guidance. This is something new that is only provided by TomTom. In addition, GO 940 has FM Transmitter and MP3 Player that is a standard now across multiple TomTom GPS navigators.

Also, if you like to travel to Europe, TomTom GO 940 comes with the Europena maps pre-loaded for your use and you don’t need to go through download and install for the European maps.

TomTom GO 940 comes with the following accessories: Active Dock, Car Charger, Docking Station, CD ROM and Documentation.

Posted On: 12/17/2008
Label: Reviews

Top 10 GPS Devices
Top 10 GPS Devices I was looking around web and found this little post about Top 10 GPS Devices which is quite complete in my point of view. It presents Top GPS Devices in each category and does good job and providing information. We count on Consumer Report for Top 10 and we'll provide our own subjective input into what we think about their top 10 and it isn’t biased in any way.

Top 10 GPS

I agree for the most part with the rating presented on this site, but I disagree on the location of each GSP Device within this list. I think Garmin GPS Devices should take position 1 to 6 and then all others.

There is one issue that we identified with the Magellan Maestro GPS Devices. We can’t fully consider it amongst Top 10 due to a recent sell-off of its consumer division to a different company. As a result, we are not sure about level of support this new company will provide for 4370 and 4250 GPS Devices.

It is important to review time to time new GPS devices by major producers such as (Garmin, Magellan, Navigon, Mio and TomTom) and check these GPS navigators for new set of functionality and capabilities. As a result, we are planning to update Top 10 GPS every time there is new GPS device is on the market.

Posted On: 10/13/2008
Label: Reviews

Navman Spirit S100 GPS Device
Navman released new GPS device that is promoted as next iPod killer device. It has built in portable media player with useful features and friendliness.

It is 13.5 mm model and comes with aluminum casing. Another useful feature of this device and its sliding touch screen just like iPod screen but a little bit bigger with 4.3 inch wide.

Navman S100 has good imaging capabilities with 3D Maps and over one million GPS ready images from photo sharing sites.

Navman S100 is a good competitor for iPod or even iPhone but its primary competitor is Garmin Nuviphone that will be released later this year.

Posted On: 10/12/2008
Label: Reviews

Garmin Oregon 400t Review
Garmin just released new next generation handheld GPS device called Oregon 400t. It is loaded with 3D maps and has altimeter, compass and all other standard features that you may find in all other GPS handhelds.

Oregon 400t is 3 inch in diagonal with touchscreen display. One of the main features that Oregon 400t poses is its durability and toughness. It is designed to be waterproof, sand and dirt resistant. It’s another nice device from Garmin.

Garmin tried to come up with something that will set it apart from its main competition such as TomTom and Magellan and Garmin’s Oregon 400t is such a device in the handheld market niche. We’ll be publishing detailed specs and review on our main section of the site and you’ll be able to find this device under Garmin GPS Review section of our site.

Posted On: 10/04/2008
Label: Reviews

Google G1 GPS enabled smartphone is released
G1 smartphone is the latest collaboration between google.com, HTC and T-Mobile. It is 4.6 x 2.1 x 0.6 inch handset that will be available to the USA consumers on 10/22/2008.

There are several commonly found features among PDAs such as capability to view MS Word, MS Excel and PDF files. You will also be able to use IMAP and POP3 emails via smartphone application installed on G1.

There is also a GPS chip that will be used for GPS services. It uses cellular data for GPS navigtation and with full HTML Browser support, it will use Google Maps for rendering maps.

Google G1 is moderatley priced and will cost you around $20-$30 per month to use it on T-Mobile network.

Google G1 is also featured on google.com main website and you can see detailed offer for this phone by going to this url Google G1 Phone with GPS

Google G1
Posted On: 09/27/2008
Label: Reviews

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