Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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Top 10 GPS Devices  
Top 10 GPS Devices I was looking around web and found this little post about Top 10 GPS Devices which is quite complete in my point of view. It presents Top GPS Devices in each category and does good job and providing information. We count on Consumer Report for Top 10 and we'll provide our own subjective input into what we think about their top 10 and it isn’t biased in any way.

Top 10 GPS

I agree for the most part with the rating presented on this site, but I disagree on the location of each GSP Device within this list. I think Garmin GPS Devices should take position 1 to 6 and then all others.

There is one issue that we identified with the Magellan Maestro GPS Devices. We can’t fully consider it amongst Top 10 due to a recent sell-off of its consumer division to a different company. As a result, we are not sure about level of support this new company will provide for 4370 and 4250 GPS Devices.

It is important to review time to time new GPS devices by major producers such as (Garmin, Magellan, Navigon, Mio and TomTom) and check these GPS navigators for new set of functionality and capabilities. As a result, we are planning to update Top 10 GPS every time there is new GPS device is on the market.

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